Sunday, March 08, 2009

Quick camp update ... the date/time stamp says "Sunday" ... but we are all choosing to think it's still Saturday ... it's 1:24 am (or 2:24 am daylight savings time ... I'm not gonna think about that ... having too much fun!)

Earlier today (yesterday/Saturday) we tore ourselves away from our keyboards and enjoyed a walk in the sunshine. This photo is a little bit deceiving ... it really was a beautiful day ... blue sky, birds chirping, melting snow, and the smell of a wood-burning stove wafting through the air ... a wonderful break from our computer screens!

Left to Right:
Kim, LeAnna, Barb, Denise, (me!), Debbie, Janelle, Judy!
GO DigiChicks!

Today we've learned to:
  • create custom shadows
  • create custom brushes
  • change brush settings (spacing, roundness, fade, etc) for some pretty cool effects!
  • create straight stitches (use Hard Round brush w/special settings)
  • create reflective layouts using masks, blending modes, etc
  • warp a photo frame & mask in Elements (bent-looking photos...)
    (don't forget that wonderful combination of CTRL+SHIFT+ALT or just CTRL+click corner control handle when you are in Free Transform mode! Woohoo!)

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