Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 9 - Going Raw

What a fun day this has been! Started out with a play-date with Maria. It's good to find a crafty-friend! We are finding we have many hobbies in common...gotta love that. She was sweet enough (and talented enough) to make me a smoothie lunch-to-go. Then I was off to the Jefferson County Travel Clinic for the rest of my immunizations for the missions trip.

I had a couple of hours between the travel clinic and my evening shift at work, so got caught up on some paperwork, email, and a few phone calls (until my battery died...sigh). Then I was off to work to teach a sweet little 10 yr old girl how to sew a pair of shorts. She is so fun to teach. When I asked her about the pillowcase she made in our last session she told me that she not only has it on her pillow, but ... she also taught her mom how to make one too! Isn't that adorable? What teacher wouldn't love that?!

Dilema of the day - Found out today that the house next door will officially go on the "market" ... owner called and offered it to us for $25k ... man ... we were so not going to buy another house (3 extra will be about 2 more than we planned...at least for this year). What to do? What to do? Prayers for wisdom please.

Breakfast smoothie:
     Frozen grapes
     Frozen cherries
     Hemp protein

Lunch smoothie ... Maria's yummy recipe (sorry, I can't remember what all went in, but it was FAB!)

     It's late (9:43) and I can't eat because I am taking a "live-virus" immunization capsule (1 every other day for 8 days) and can't eat for an hour before and an hour after ... waiting ... getting pow'rful hungry! Hungry I tell ya!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 8 - Going Raw

Busy day!

  • Gym
  • Shop to replenish fresh food stash
  • Finish sample for Jul-Aug Sewing 201 class
  • Finish three skirts for the upcoming missions trip
  • Pack suitcase for said missions trip
  • Make pair of shorts for William
  • Round up pattern for tomorrow's playdate with Maria L
  • Nap in the sunshine ... hey! it was important!
Weight-in reveals 4 pounds lost over the past 7 days ... now that is nice. I'll happily accept slow, steady loss especially if I'm feeling good all the while and not experiencing hunger ... WOOT WOOT!

     We had a breakfast wrap...a little treat for Mr (and me) for a week of cooperation.

Lunch smoothie:
     Key limes
     fresh pineapple (yummo!)
     Hemp protein
     spirulina (3 tablets)

Dinner smoothie/cold soup:
     roma tomatoes
     sweet baby bell peppers
     garlic salt
     hot sauce
     ice cubes
     DELICIOUS!  Even the Mr. is loving this one! He said it tastes "...like Wisconsin Cheese Soup w/o the cheese." I think what he means is that it is a very good summer cold tomato soup! We will definitely be having this one again. Thanks to my sister Sara for the veggie suggestions!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 7 - Going Raw

Sunday! Sundays are very busy days for us. Church service at 9 so we leave home at 8. After church we have small group (Sunday School for grown ups ... y'know!) which we normally get done with around 1. Then we generally drive over to Costco and have a pizza lunch before doing our grocery shopping for the week. By the time we get home it's almost always after 3:30 or 4:00.

This week we had to leave small group early so I could get to work. We stopped briefly to grab a bite for lunch. Given our rush, we just wen to ... man ... do I DARE put the truth here, in plain sight for all to see ... or just leave that part out ... hum ... what to do, what to do ...

I had classes to teach at JoAnns: a sewing 101 class for three gals from 1-3:30, followed by a sewing 103 class (basic skirt) for two gals from 4-7:00. Of course there's always clean-up to be done, paperwork to be filed, and getting out of the store (there's a process for that too!) ... got home at 9 ... long day!

Breakfast smoothie:
     Hemp protein powder

     McDonalds (burger w/half the bun and a soda...BAD, ay? sigh...no recriminations...it is what it is...)

     Not sure what Mr had, but I ate some celery sticks with raw peanuts butter when I got home.

NOT our best "food day" by far, but we aren't going to beat ourselves up, just moving on to the next day. Trying to be kind while also being wiser on our overall eating habits.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 6 - Going Raw

Today is a work day. I had a serger class from 9 to noon. Then a sewing social from 1 to 3 ... ended up taking until 4:30 (had some "machine" issues and just couldn't send them home w/o resolving them ... y'know ... it's me ... I have to "finish" what I've started.)

Sara (my sister) called while I was on my way home ... we had an awesome, long chat. She's doing green smoothies, too, so we shared our experiences and some recipe tips. Her Mr. isn't eating (drinking?) them, so she's been doing the veggie-based smoothies longer and has some great tips I'll be trying out! Yay! She recommended that I try a blend of:
     Celery (1 stalk)
     Carrots (1)
     Red Cabbage (small wedge)
     Ginger (small bit)
     Garlic (powder ... wondering if a bit of raw garlic would work?)
     Tomato (lots)
     Bell Pepper (2" strip)
     Onion (small bit)
     Mrs Dash-Spicy (I'm wondering about a small bit of fresh Habenaro, instead? LOVE that stuff!)
     Kale (she loves the reds ... I need to get to Whole Foods!)
     Spirunlina (3 tablets)

I think I'll make enough for just me and then let Mr. taste it. If he decides he can deal with the absence of fruit-sweetness then he can have some the next meal. Good thing this 1980s kitchen has the big-ish peninsula ... I am going to need room for all that produce and fruit to be processed every time we get hungry!

Speaking of hungry ... I'm noticing that we haven't been getting "the munchies" ... nice! I was worried that we would be getting too hungry between "meals" so adding the Hemp Protein was a way to make the full-feeling last. I've also been swallowing 5 spirulina tablets at breakfast and lunch. Have yet to feel any-kind-of-hungry! In fact, Sara and I were talking about how long it takes us to finish our meal smoothies. Seriously ... we can nurse that thing for the better part of an hour ... and that is not because of flavor ... these things are DELICIOUS (well ... esp. the ones I've been having because Mr. only wants the sweet ones!) ... it's just that it is very satisfying. The "gobble-it-up" drive isn't there. Weird. Nice! I've been gobbling far too long.

Drinking ... now that got your attention, didn't it? I am happily not drinking coffee ... six days now. The amazing thing is that I'm not having issues with energy. In the past, when I've quit, I have a struggle with low-energy. Last winter I used Shaklee's CorEnergy to help ... it rocked! Unfortunately when I tried to order some last week they were unable to ship because they are changing the recipe. I was disappointed. Fortunately the smoothies seem to be providing something helpful for energy. How awesome is that?!

Mr. has reduced his intact of diet coke (yeah...I know...it's ubber bad for him...have told him, others have told him, he's read research, ya-de-ya-da-ya-da ... he's an addict with all the symptoms and won't face it ... but ... who knows ... perhaps after spending the rest of the summer on Green Smoothies he'll see the light?)  The first two days of this experiment he didn't have any ... not sure why, but happy. Now it appears to me that he's only had 2 each day ... that is an improvement!

We've both been drinking filtered water (love our Shaklee water filter!) especially since we've been going to the gym! The trainer ran some tests on us when we started. Turns out our body-water-content was below 50% ... yikes! No wonder we have issues ... amazing that we don't have more, in fact! He told us to take our body weight, divide it by 2, then drink that many ounces of water every day. I told him that would be a really good idea after I lose 40 pounds! Of course, I was making a joke, but I was seriously thinking I would be spending my entire day in the bathroom. Turns out that is not the case ... not sure where it's all going ... sweat? Ha!

Enough! Mr. said it looks like I'm writing "an awful lot" ... so maybe I'll end here?

Breakfast smoothie:
     Strawberries (frozen)
     Key Limes (juice from 5)
     Hemp Protien
     (nice and sweet...just like the Mr likes it...surprised?)

Lunch smoothie:
     I had the left-overs from yesterday's lunch smoothie (stored nicely, probably not optimal, but...)
     Not sure what Mr. did (probably involved a burger joint?) as I was at work

     No smoothie ... I was on the phone with sister until after 8:30pm ... Yay! I chose to have some
     celery sticks with that yummy raw peanut butter ... delish.
     Mr. grilled us some Flounder and he had a salad with his.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 5 - Going Raw

NOTE:  I'm post-date posting this. Does that make sense? Day 5 was really on Thursday, May 18. Life was just moving too fast for me the past couple of days! So, rather than skipping it I'm just getting my notes and posting this after-the-fact.

YAY! My caffeine-addiction headaches are better! Washeew! My gut is "bloated" ... guessing it's from not keeping the veggie content equal to the fruit content ... need to move more into the veggie-based smoothie, less fruit. Just been hesitant since the Mr. has a definite distain for anything not sweet ... sigh ... really want to keep him going on this. Guess I'll be making two batches ... I can do it, right? That's totally going to cut into my crafty time ... spending more time in the kitchen ... awwww maaaaan (as our grand-daughter would say!)  But, I'll suck it up and do it ... the reward in the end will be worth it!

After posting the link to the free movie, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,  on my Facebook wall a friend from Iowa reposted it for one of our Homeschool-Contacts, Terri Camp. Turns out Terri is just finishing a 30-day Reboot! That has been very inspiring for some reason. Just having someone I know, who's willing to share her experience with this ... has inspired me.

So, today was a fun day ... I'm not working, not teaching, not running errands, a no to-do kind of day. Maria L is coming over for a crafty-day.  It may sound crazy, but I haven't "had a friend over" since we moved here! YIKES! Now that I wrote that down ... it really sounds crazy! I'm a social-girl ... how did that happen? We toured the yard, she shared lots of great landscaping and gardening ideas and enthusiasm (where has my love for all that gone? probably just in hibernation ... yeah ... I'm sure that's it ... right?) Then we had a Green Smoothie lunch and got started crafting. We were making a pillowcase sundress for her grand-daughter on the serger. It turned out adorable ... I can't wait to see a picture of it in use!

Turns out I'm not the only one with a bloat-y belly from smoothie meal-replacements. Maria has the same issue. We got a good laugh out of our bellie-antics! Might as well, ay? I am sure I totally impressed her when I was standing at my cutting table and stuck my belly out and then layed it on the table (nice word-picture right there, ay?)! Oh yeah! That's Cool!  I'll admit I was "sticking it out" (and my close friends all know I can totally make it look like a prego belly, right?) It's good to laugh at yourself ... and laugh we did. Mr. just doesn't get that sense of humor ... that's why we need girl-friends!

After Maria left, we called Paul to see how the popsicle shop was doing ... they passed health inspection, so the popsicle-making was going full-speed-ahead! They are going to have their carts hit the streets of Birmingham tomorrow morning! Talk about great timing ... lots of farmer's markets on saturday! We hopped on the motorcycle and headed into the city to see if we could help. Lucky thing, too! Turns out they needed help testing out some of the flavors.


You don't believe me? Fine ... they let us taste-test a couple ... made me real glad we'd been eating healthy so we didn't have to feel bad about enjoying a treat.

End of a long, very nice, day! So, here's a recap of our "meals" for today:

Breakfast smoothie:
     Spinach (LOTS! 2 fists full for each of us!) 
     Hemp protein powder (has Omega-3s...excellent!)
     Blueberries, frozen

Lunch smoothie:
     Key Limes (just the juice)
     Cherries, frozen
     Spinach (again, LOTS!)

It got late (the drive into the city and all...see above) so we went to Whataburger (it's okay to relax when it's call for!) and ate a burger (minus half the bun). MR was very happy to have "food" for a change. He cracks me up! The nice thing is ... he's happy to continue on the smoothie adventure in the morning. No worries. Life is good.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 4 - Going Raw

Today was crazy! We both totally missed out on breakfast ... we got up and got going on our to-do list and somehow managed to "forget" breakfast ... not sure HOW that is possible! Definitely not a good idea when trying to be healthy ... sigh.

I worked at JoAnn's today and had some errands I needed to run prior to work, so after our lunch smoothies I headed out, leaving Bruce in the midst of a small electrical project at the house. He is installing a ceiling fan/light in the living room and swapping out the old ceiling fan/light in our bedroom. Started the job yesterday, but ran into some issues and ended up using his project time at Lowe's finding solutions.

Things must have gone well, because I walked in and ... voila! The living room has a nice breeze coming from the new fixture! When I'm done with this post I'll be off to the bedroom to see how that one turned out ... hoping this means we'll be able to keep the air conditioner off even longer!

Breakfast smoothie:
     (we missed breakfast...see above)

Lunch smoothie:
     1 Mango
     1 Banana
     1 Lemon
     1 cup frozen cherries (pitted)
     1 apple (red delicious)
     4 tblsp Hemp protein powder
     Maca, raw (powder)
     2 cups baby spinach

Supper smoothie:
     same as lunch, I just made a double batch so I could bring one along. It stored in the work frig much better than I'd dared to hope! Good to know! I also had some celery sticks and 1/4 c raw peanut "butter" ... it helped with my munchies.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 3 - Going Raw

We've been going to the gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday since January, so today was GYM DAY. We were there by 6:45am so didn't eat our smoothie until we got back home. Talk about HUNGRY!

Today we had an event for Maya (school program) that included a buffet ... we both did GREAT! We only ate raw veggies (and I think Bruce had a few grapes ... talk about will-power! There were some very delicious looking bars and cookies on that spread!

After the event we had to stop by church ... MERCY! All the restaurants were grilling meats and putting all kinds of tempting smells out into the public ... we were on the motorcycle so our bellies were going crazy! Now we know ... Birmingham smells GOOD around lunchtime!

Breakfast Smoothie:
Juice from 3 key limes
celery (2 stalks)
carrots (2)
Hemp (4 tblsp)

Flounder on the grill (no coating, no seasoning...just fish),  and an organic spring mix/spinach salad with a bit of Feta Cheese, sliced almonds, and some vinegar and olive oil sprinkled on to it.

I had to work, so brought some celery, raw ground peanuts ("butter"!), and an apple. Took some Spirulina to help with hunger ... it helped! Bruce grilled a piece of ham steak for himself.

While we didn't do only smoothies, we both feel successful given the challenges in front of us today!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 2 - Going RAW

This morning I've signed-up at Reboot, the official site for the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (the movie) community. I am making smoothies rather than juice (at least until I can find the moving box that has my juicer!) but think I like the idea of using their recipes.

Yesterday we made a trip to our local Health Food Store ... what a wonderful place!!!! We found Maca (supplement that helps with energy ... just sprinkle in the smoothie), coconut water, and natural peanut butter (they MADE the peanut butter while we watched! yummo! I know I can make it in the VitaMix, but ... hey ... that thing is going to get a real work-out the way it is!)

I woke up this morning with a headache ... detoxing side-effect I suspect ... am going to use a pain reliever ... I hate having to do that, normally I would just tough it out, but today I'll just fight one battle (the desire to sink my teeth into something off my food list for the day).

Interestingly, hubby is game to do the smoothie-thing (his words) this morning ... it might help that breakfast is a fruit-based smoothie?! He's such a boy!

Breakfast smoothie
     Spinach (see a trend here...woke up this morning worrying that my skin would be orange!)
     Coconut water

Lunch smoothie
     Natural Honey

Dinner smoothie
     Organic Spring Mix lettuce
     Hemp protein

Today I was DEFINITELY wanting some of the old "bad" foods ... had to keep busy to avoid thinking about it. Didn't take the aspirin ... decided to just tough it out. Need to figure out some sort of snacks as I got hungry a few times during the day.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 1 - Going Raw

WHAT in the world is, "Going Raw"?

Eating only raw foods ... yep ... RAW! No steaming, baking, frying, or grilling. You take your collection of raw foods, put them in your blender (VitaMix, in my case) or in a juicer (I have one, but I like the bulk/fiber you get w/VitaMix), then drink the resulting smoothie/juice.

Today was our first day of Going Raw. All three meals.

For breakfast today we had a blend of
     strawberries (frozen),
     red grapes,
     flax seed, and
     spinach (lots!)
     raw honey.   It was DELICIOUS!

For lunch ... more fruit
     strawberries (frozen),
     spinach (again...lots!)
     flax seed. Again, it was DELICIOUS!

For supper I made a veggie blend:
     spinach (yep...again),
     flax seed.
THIS TIME...our taste buds needed to make a bit of an adjustment as it wasn't "sweet" like the smoothies we'd had earlier! I think it has a "fresh" flavor, but hubby said ... YUK! I DON'T LIKE THIS ONE! (Even after I warned him that it would NOT be sweet...to expect 'veggie' flavors ... boys!) My smoothie is going down as easily as the others, but he is complaining that his is "growing" in his cup and he can't possibly finish it ... wimpy! He grabbed a ham steak, fired up his grill and put the rest of his smoothie in the frig (do you think he's expecting it to taste better by tomorrow?)

I am hoping to keep up the RAW food plan for at least 10 days, and maybe ... just maybe until June 2 (when we leave the country on a mission trip).

My goals:
     Improve energy levels
     Lose my "carb belly"
     Eliminate gut aches

I have decided to use this old blog of mine to document the process!

What precipitated this effort?  My sister, Sara, sent me the link to the movie on Hulu, "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" by Joe Cross. After watching the movie, I decided I would take the challenge! Eat raw-food smoothies (or juices if you prefer) for an extended period of time.

So ... here goes!