Saturday, April 17, 2010

Acreage Open House

Today is THE DAY ... we officially invite folks into our world ... sharing a place that has been an oasis for two middle-agers who were in need of an oasis ... a place of peace and restoration. Will people feel the presence of the Holy Spirit here like we do? Will they see all the beauty this small bit of earth has to offer? Have we done our best in getting her ready ... our beautiful lady ... this acreage we call, Willow Hill? I hope so.

After the craft sale last weekend we've each tried to stay focused on those tasks that must be completed for an Open House, for the auction, and ultimately for the move. Talk about a challenge! All the "left over" crafty supplies ended up spending the week in the trailer ... there just wasn't time to deal with them.

We decided we'd have to work smarter and harder to reach our goals, so we created designated areas in the buildings around the place. The garage would be the place we put things that would be on the auction. The grandchildren's playhouse would be things we'd be taking with us when we move. My crafty-cottage would eventually be only things we are keeping (for this weekend, however, it would be a mix ... no time to sort and move now). We haven't have time to do anything with the barn yet, but Bruce was making good progress in his woodshop. The corn crib and quansit are both ready.

Crystal Cook (another good friend ... I have been blessed with so many great friends while living here!) spent three days this week helping me box things up in the basement ... some boxes for the auction and some to be moved (not to mention the to-be-burned pile). Then she brought over a team from her house cleaning company and spent Friday cleaning the main level of the house ... talk about helpful! Wow!  I decluttered while they did the dusting, glass surfaces, and floors.

When we woke up this morning, the sun was shining, the grass was green and ready to mow and the tulips were totally showing off! All-in-all it is a perfect day for an Open House. We made a quick round on the mowers, then Bruce and I showered, dressed, and started a batch of chocolate - chocolate chip brownies and a pot of Godiva Chocolate coffee for our guests.

We had a nice group of visitors ... from empty nesters like us to families with as many as 3 children (keep in mind ... this house has only 2 official bedrooms), even an elderly couple who'd lived on the acreage many years ago, come by to see the place and share stories from their tenure here ... we enjoyed them all.

Now? Well, we wait and see what God has in mind. In one week much will change!

Want a tour?  Check out the website we made for the acreage HERE

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