Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Every year on this day I begin to reflect back to the day (29 years ago) that I had a sudden burst of energy after 9 VERY long months of pregnancy ... well ... actually we weren't so sure HOW long I'd been pregnant ... back then the doctors didn't have the advantage of all this technology we have today. Initially they 'guessed' my due date to be around the first of January. Then they'd move it out a week or two ... until I finally decided maybe I'd just be pregnant forever!

Eventually the labor pains started and off to the hospital we went after calling Grama Garnett to come and watch Paul, our 18 month old son. Shortly after noon we had a beautiful little daughter, Tara. We were SO excited! Who could have dreamed all the joys that were just beginning to unfold.

So, today I reflect and tomorrow I'll wish my beautiful daughter a very Happy 29th Birthday.

As I pondered again those old memories, I decided to make two digital scrapbook pages of my beautiful daughter's daughter ... check them out!

She just LOVES shoes! Thanks for letting me share!

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