Thursday, November 19, 2009

We made great progress yesterday! Katy drove until St. Louis. Then Bruce took over and drove for hour, eventually deciding to pull off the road and "catch a quick nap" (that's PC talk for sleep in the Tahoe!). We had our pillows and blankets along (and our camping gear ... just didn't have a campground LOL) so we were quite comfy.
In the morning, we found a McDonald's (I know...that isn't a very healty place for breakfast...oh well ... it's a holiday ...) and got back on the road.
Check out the beautiful scene we found as we got on the road:
We drove through to Lexington, VA. Found a hotel and headed out to Ruby Tuesdays for some dinner before getting a good nights sleep.
Tomorrow we will arrive in Williamsburg, VA ... the destination for the first part of our Thanksgiving vacation! We'll be there for three days.

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