Sunday, November 15, 2009

Today I decided to do a "Spring Cleaning" on my cleaning-closet ... yep ... I know ... it's ANYTHING BUT spring right now ... does it count that the weather is unseasonably warm for Iowa ... in November?

I took EVERYTHING out of the cabinet, sorted, discarded, donated, and then put things back into the cabinet. Here's how it looked once the work was all done. (Sure wishing I'd taken some "before" shots! It was beginning to be reminiscent of Fiber McGee's closet (so, for you young folks that was an old-time radio show...if Fiber McGee opened the closet door EVERYTHING would come tumbling out!)
That's the top half...and here's the bottom half (I have a "thing" about running out of rags for have a big ol' bucket full of them!)Ahhhh...that's one more cupboard that's gotten a thorough cleaning! Feels good!

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