Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 1 - Going Raw

WHAT in the world is, "Going Raw"?

Eating only raw foods ... yep ... RAW! No steaming, baking, frying, or grilling. You take your collection of raw foods, put them in your blender (VitaMix, in my case) or in a juicer (I have one, but I like the bulk/fiber you get w/VitaMix), then drink the resulting smoothie/juice.

Today was our first day of Going Raw. All three meals.

For breakfast today we had a blend of
     strawberries (frozen),
     red grapes,
     flax seed, and
     spinach (lots!)
     raw honey.   It was DELICIOUS!

For lunch ... more fruit
     strawberries (frozen),
     spinach (again...lots!)
     flax seed. Again, it was DELICIOUS!

For supper I made a veggie blend:
     spinach (yep...again),
     flax seed.
THIS TIME...our taste buds needed to make a bit of an adjustment as it wasn't "sweet" like the smoothies we'd had earlier! I think it has a "fresh" flavor, but hubby said ... YUK! I DON'T LIKE THIS ONE! (Even after I warned him that it would NOT be expect 'veggie' flavors ... boys!) My smoothie is going down as easily as the others, but he is complaining that his is "growing" in his cup and he can't possibly finish it ... wimpy! He grabbed a ham steak, fired up his grill and put the rest of his smoothie in the frig (do you think he's expecting it to taste better by tomorrow?)

I am hoping to keep up the RAW food plan for at least 10 days, and maybe ... just maybe until June 2 (when we leave the country on a mission trip).

My goals:
     Improve energy levels
     Lose my "carb belly"
     Eliminate gut aches

I have decided to use this old blog of mine to document the process!

What precipitated this effort?  My sister, Sara, sent me the link to the movie on Hulu, "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" by Joe Cross. After watching the movie, I decided I would take the challenge! Eat raw-food smoothies (or juices if you prefer) for an extended period of time.

So ... here goes!

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