Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 6 - Going Raw

Today is a work day. I had a serger class from 9 to noon. Then a sewing social from 1 to 3 ... ended up taking until 4:30 (had some "machine" issues and just couldn't send them home w/o resolving them ... y'know ... it's me ... I have to "finish" what I've started.)

Sara (my sister) called while I was on my way home ... we had an awesome, long chat. She's doing green smoothies, too, so we shared our experiences and some recipe tips. Her Mr. isn't eating (drinking?) them, so she's been doing the veggie-based smoothies longer and has some great tips I'll be trying out! Yay! She recommended that I try a blend of:
     Celery (1 stalk)
     Carrots (1)
     Red Cabbage (small wedge)
     Ginger (small bit)
     Garlic (powder ... wondering if a bit of raw garlic would work?)
     Tomato (lots)
     Bell Pepper (2" strip)
     Onion (small bit)
     Mrs Dash-Spicy (I'm wondering about a small bit of fresh Habenaro, instead? LOVE that stuff!)
     Kale (she loves the reds ... I need to get to Whole Foods!)
     Spirunlina (3 tablets)

I think I'll make enough for just me and then let Mr. taste it. If he decides he can deal with the absence of fruit-sweetness then he can have some the next meal. Good thing this 1980s kitchen has the big-ish peninsula ... I am going to need room for all that produce and fruit to be processed every time we get hungry!

Speaking of hungry ... I'm noticing that we haven't been getting "the munchies" ... nice! I was worried that we would be getting too hungry between "meals" so adding the Hemp Protein was a way to make the full-feeling last. I've also been swallowing 5 spirulina tablets at breakfast and lunch. Have yet to feel any-kind-of-hungry! In fact, Sara and I were talking about how long it takes us to finish our meal smoothies. Seriously ... we can nurse that thing for the better part of an hour ... and that is not because of flavor ... these things are DELICIOUS (well ... esp. the ones I've been having because Mr. only wants the sweet ones!) ... it's just that it is very satisfying. The "gobble-it-up" drive isn't there. Weird. Nice! I've been gobbling far too long.

Drinking ... now that got your attention, didn't it? I am happily not drinking coffee ... six days now. The amazing thing is that I'm not having issues with energy. In the past, when I've quit, I have a struggle with low-energy. Last winter I used Shaklee's CorEnergy to help ... it rocked! Unfortunately when I tried to order some last week they were unable to ship because they are changing the recipe. I was disappointed. Fortunately the smoothies seem to be providing something helpful for energy. How awesome is that?!

Mr. has reduced his intact of diet coke (yeah...I's ubber bad for him...have told him, others have told him, he's read research, ya-de-ya-da-ya-da ... he's an addict with all the symptoms and won't face it ... but ... who knows ... perhaps after spending the rest of the summer on Green Smoothies he'll see the light?)  The first two days of this experiment he didn't have any ... not sure why, but happy. Now it appears to me that he's only had 2 each day ... that is an improvement!

We've both been drinking filtered water (love our Shaklee water filter!) especially since we've been going to the gym! The trainer ran some tests on us when we started. Turns out our body-water-content was below 50% ... yikes! No wonder we have issues ... amazing that we don't have more, in fact! He told us to take our body weight, divide it by 2, then drink that many ounces of water every day. I told him that would be a really good idea after I lose 40 pounds! Of course, I was making a joke, but I was seriously thinking I would be spending my entire day in the bathroom. Turns out that is not the case ... not sure where it's all going ... sweat? Ha!

Enough! Mr. said it looks like I'm writing "an awful lot" ... so maybe I'll end here?

Breakfast smoothie:
     Strawberries (frozen)
     Key Limes (juice from 5)
     Hemp Protien
     (nice and sweet...just like the Mr likes it...surprised?)

Lunch smoothie:
     I had the left-overs from yesterday's lunch smoothie (stored nicely, probably not optimal, but...)
     Not sure what Mr. did (probably involved a burger joint?) as I was at work

     No smoothie ... I was on the phone with sister until after 8:30pm ... Yay! I chose to have some
     celery sticks with that yummy raw peanut butter ... delish.
     Mr. grilled us some Flounder and he had a salad with his.

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