Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 5 - Going Raw

NOTE:  I'm post-date posting this. Does that make sense? Day 5 was really on Thursday, May 18. Life was just moving too fast for me the past couple of days! So, rather than skipping it I'm just getting my notes and posting this after-the-fact.

YAY! My caffeine-addiction headaches are better! Washeew! My gut is "bloated" ... guessing it's from not keeping the veggie content equal to the fruit content ... need to move more into the veggie-based smoothie, less fruit. Just been hesitant since the Mr. has a definite distain for anything not sweet ... sigh ... really want to keep him going on this. Guess I'll be making two batches ... I can do it, right? That's totally going to cut into my crafty time ... spending more time in the kitchen ... awwww maaaaan (as our grand-daughter would say!)  But, I'll suck it up and do it ... the reward in the end will be worth it!

After posting the link to the free movie, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,  on my Facebook wall a friend from Iowa reposted it for one of our Homeschool-Contacts, Terri Camp. Turns out Terri is just finishing a 30-day Reboot! That has been very inspiring for some reason. Just having someone I know, who's willing to share her experience with this ... has inspired me.

So, today was a fun day ... I'm not working, not teaching, not running errands, a no to-do kind of day. Maria L is coming over for a crafty-day.  It may sound crazy, but I haven't "had a friend over" since we moved here! YIKES! Now that I wrote that down ... it really sounds crazy! I'm a social-girl ... how did that happen? We toured the yard, she shared lots of great landscaping and gardening ideas and enthusiasm (where has my love for all that gone? probably just in hibernation ... yeah ... I'm sure that's it ... right?) Then we had a Green Smoothie lunch and got started crafting. We were making a pillowcase sundress for her grand-daughter on the serger. It turned out adorable ... I can't wait to see a picture of it in use!

Turns out I'm not the only one with a bloat-y belly from smoothie meal-replacements. Maria has the same issue. We got a good laugh out of our bellie-antics! Might as well, ay? I am sure I totally impressed her when I was standing at my cutting table and stuck my belly out and then layed it on the table (nice word-picture right there, ay?)! Oh yeah! That's Cool!  I'll admit I was "sticking it out" (and my close friends all know I can totally make it look like a prego belly, right?) It's good to laugh at yourself ... and laugh we did. Mr. just doesn't get that sense of humor ... that's why we need girl-friends!

After Maria left, we called Paul to see how the popsicle shop was doing ... they passed health inspection, so the popsicle-making was going full-speed-ahead! They are going to have their carts hit the streets of Birmingham tomorrow morning! Talk about great timing ... lots of farmer's markets on saturday! We hopped on the motorcycle and headed into the city to see if we could help. Lucky thing, too! Turns out they needed help testing out some of the flavors.


You don't believe me? Fine ... they let us taste-test a couple ... made me real glad we'd been eating healthy so we didn't have to feel bad about enjoying a treat.

End of a long, very nice, day! So, here's a recap of our "meals" for today:

Breakfast smoothie:
     Spinach (LOTS! 2 fists full for each of us!) 
     Hemp protein powder (has Omega-3s...excellent!)
     Blueberries, frozen

Lunch smoothie:
     Key Limes (just the juice)
     Cherries, frozen
     Spinach (again, LOTS!)

It got late (the drive into the city and all...see above) so we went to Whataburger (it's okay to relax when it's call for!) and ate a burger (minus half the bun). MR was very happy to have "food" for a change. He cracks me up! The nice thing is ... he's happy to continue on the smoothie adventure in the morning. No worries. Life is good.

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