Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 4 - Going Raw

Today was crazy! We both totally missed out on breakfast ... we got up and got going on our to-do list and somehow managed to "forget" breakfast ... not sure HOW that is possible! Definitely not a good idea when trying to be healthy ... sigh.

I worked at JoAnn's today and had some errands I needed to run prior to work, so after our lunch smoothies I headed out, leaving Bruce in the midst of a small electrical project at the house. He is installing a ceiling fan/light in the living room and swapping out the old ceiling fan/light in our bedroom. Started the job yesterday, but ran into some issues and ended up using his project time at Lowe's finding solutions.

Things must have gone well, because I walked in and ... voila! The living room has a nice breeze coming from the new fixture! When I'm done with this post I'll be off to the bedroom to see how that one turned out ... hoping this means we'll be able to keep the air conditioner off even longer!

Breakfast smoothie:
     (we missed breakfast...see above)

Lunch smoothie:
     1 Mango
     1 Banana
     1 Lemon
     1 cup frozen cherries (pitted)
     1 apple (red delicious)
     4 tblsp Hemp protein powder
     Maca, raw (powder)
     2 cups baby spinach

Supper smoothie:
     same as lunch, I just made a double batch so I could bring one along. It stored in the work frig much better than I'd dared to hope! Good to know! I also had some celery sticks and 1/4 c raw peanut "butter" ... it helped with my munchies.

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