Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 2 - Going RAW

This morning I've signed-up at Reboot, the official site for the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (the movie) community. I am making smoothies rather than juice (at least until I can find the moving box that has my juicer!) but think I like the idea of using their recipes.

Yesterday we made a trip to our local Health Food Store ... what a wonderful place!!!! We found Maca (supplement that helps with energy ... just sprinkle in the smoothie), coconut water, and natural peanut butter (they MADE the peanut butter while we watched! yummo! I know I can make it in the VitaMix, but ... hey ... that thing is going to get a real work-out the way it is!)

I woke up this morning with a headache ... detoxing side-effect I suspect ... am going to use a pain reliever ... I hate having to do that, normally I would just tough it out, but today I'll just fight one battle (the desire to sink my teeth into something off my food list for the day).

Interestingly, hubby is game to do the smoothie-thing (his words) this morning ... it might help that breakfast is a fruit-based smoothie?! He's such a boy!

Breakfast smoothie
     Spinach (see a trend here...woke up this morning worrying that my skin would be orange!)
     Coconut water

Lunch smoothie
     Natural Honey

Dinner smoothie
     Organic Spring Mix lettuce
     Hemp protein

Today I was DEFINITELY wanting some of the old "bad" foods ... had to keep busy to avoid thinking about it. Didn't take the aspirin ... decided to just tough it out. Need to figure out some sort of snacks as I got hungry a few times during the day.

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