Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 8 - Going Raw

Busy day!

  • Gym
  • Shop to replenish fresh food stash
  • Finish sample for Jul-Aug Sewing 201 class
  • Finish three skirts for the upcoming missions trip
  • Pack suitcase for said missions trip
  • Make pair of shorts for William
  • Round up pattern for tomorrow's playdate with Maria L
  • Nap in the sunshine ... hey! it was important!
Weight-in reveals 4 pounds lost over the past 7 days ... now that is nice. I'll happily accept slow, steady loss especially if I'm feeling good all the while and not experiencing hunger ... WOOT WOOT!

     We had a breakfast wrap...a little treat for Mr (and me) for a week of cooperation.

Lunch smoothie:
     Key limes
     fresh pineapple (yummo!)
     Hemp protein
     spirulina (3 tablets)

Dinner smoothie/cold soup:
     roma tomatoes
     sweet baby bell peppers
     garlic salt
     hot sauce
     ice cubes
     DELICIOUS!  Even the Mr. is loving this one! He said it tastes " Wisconsin Cheese Soup w/o the cheese." I think what he means is that it is a very good summer cold tomato soup! We will definitely be having this one again. Thanks to my sister Sara for the veggie suggestions!

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