Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 9 - Going Raw

What a fun day this has been! Started out with a play-date with Maria. It's good to find a crafty-friend! We are finding we have many hobbies in common...gotta love that. She was sweet enough (and talented enough) to make me a smoothie lunch-to-go. Then I was off to the Jefferson County Travel Clinic for the rest of my immunizations for the missions trip.

I had a couple of hours between the travel clinic and my evening shift at work, so got caught up on some paperwork, email, and a few phone calls (until my battery died...sigh). Then I was off to work to teach a sweet little 10 yr old girl how to sew a pair of shorts. She is so fun to teach. When I asked her about the pillowcase she made in our last session she told me that she not only has it on her pillow, but ... she also taught her mom how to make one too! Isn't that adorable? What teacher wouldn't love that?!

Dilema of the day - Found out today that the house next door will officially go on the "market" ... owner called and offered it to us for $25k ... man ... we were so not going to buy another house (3 extra will be about 2 more than we planned...at least for this year). What to do? What to do? Prayers for wisdom please.

Breakfast smoothie:
     Frozen grapes
     Frozen cherries
     Hemp protein

Lunch smoothie ... Maria's yummy recipe (sorry, I can't remember what all went in, but it was FAB!)

     It's late (9:43) and I can't eat because I am taking a "live-virus" immunization capsule (1 every other day for 8 days) and can't eat for an hour before and an hour after ... waiting ... getting pow'rful hungry! Hungry I tell ya!

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