Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 3 - Going Raw

We've been going to the gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday since January, so today was GYM DAY. We were there by 6:45am so didn't eat our smoothie until we got back home. Talk about HUNGRY!

Today we had an event for Maya (school program) that included a buffet ... we both did GREAT! We only ate raw veggies (and I think Bruce had a few grapes ... talk about will-power! There were some very delicious looking bars and cookies on that spread!

After the event we had to stop by church ... MERCY! All the restaurants were grilling meats and putting all kinds of tempting smells out into the public ... we were on the motorcycle so our bellies were going crazy! Now we know ... Birmingham smells GOOD around lunchtime!

Breakfast Smoothie:
Juice from 3 key limes
celery (2 stalks)
carrots (2)
Hemp (4 tblsp)

Flounder on the grill (no coating, no seasoning...just fish),  and an organic spring mix/spinach salad with a bit of Feta Cheese, sliced almonds, and some vinegar and olive oil sprinkled on to it.

I had to work, so brought some celery, raw ground peanuts ("butter"!), and an apple. Took some Spirulina to help with hunger ... it helped! Bruce grilled a piece of ham steak for himself.

While we didn't do only smoothies, we both feel successful given the challenges in front of us today!

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