Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 7 - Going Raw

Sunday! Sundays are very busy days for us. Church service at 9 so we leave home at 8. After church we have small group (Sunday School for grown ups ... y'know!) which we normally get done with around 1. Then we generally drive over to Costco and have a pizza lunch before doing our grocery shopping for the week. By the time we get home it's almost always after 3:30 or 4:00.

This week we had to leave small group early so I could get to work. We stopped briefly to grab a bite for lunch. Given our rush, we just wen to ... man ... do I DARE put the truth here, in plain sight for all to see ... or just leave that part out ... hum ... what to do, what to do ...

I had classes to teach at JoAnns: a sewing 101 class for three gals from 1-3:30, followed by a sewing 103 class (basic skirt) for two gals from 4-7:00. Of course there's always clean-up to be done, paperwork to be filed, and getting out of the store (there's a process for that too!) ... got home at 9 ... long day!

Breakfast smoothie:
     Hemp protein powder

     McDonalds (burger w/half the bun and a soda...BAD, ay? is what it is...)

     Not sure what Mr had, but I ate some celery sticks with raw peanuts butter when I got home.

NOT our best "food day" by far, but we aren't going to beat ourselves up, just moving on to the next day. Trying to be kind while also being wiser on our overall eating habits.

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